Whether a study tour, a business delegation, or a high-level official visit, at IC&S we will provide you with the most professional and pampering services
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throughout the group’s stay in Israel. We will take you off the beaten tourist track and show you the height of Israel hi-tech or the depth of Israel’s ancient heritage sites. We have the capacity to offer you a range of thematic tours – whether focusing on agriculture, religion, technology, or even political tensions in the region, we are prepared to design the optimal, most convenient and inviting tour, with no special effort on your part. IC&S will take care of all the details, small and large, from transportation, tours, guides, admission to unique sites, to encounters with high-level personages or people in the field. IC&S will arrange all restaurant reservations, entertainment, recreation, and leisure, while maintaining direct contact with members of the group and providing a response to any unique need that may arise. We specialize in the small details. Let us do the worrying.

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sea of Tel Aviv
” the contribution of your staff meant the trip has become a dream”
Lucien Simon:
You gave your hart with unlimited budget and hours. Always available and with helpful tips.
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We’ll always remember this visit due to the unusual attitude of our group received due to knowledge and organization of the IC & S team. We are still in the clouds; we believe that the contribution of all of your staff meant that the trip has become a dream. Everything went so well – timing, site selection, cultural encounters, religious issues and historical places. The entire group felt the so pleasant in this visit. Always available and with helpful tips.
waiter with dish of vine glasses
“The tour guide that was matched to us was outstanding”
I want to thank you again on your wonderful ideas
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Without your help we could not made this tour carried out, The visit in the air force museum was outstanding. The meeting with the Sderot municipal representatives was imposing, and this meeting could not take place without your coordination. The tour guide that was matched to us was outstanding. Hoping to meet again next year.