Let us relieve you of all your concerns and solve any challenge related to property management in Israel.
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IC&S is an Israeli company in all respects: we are in contact with tradespeople, from cleaners through renovators to top interior designers. We know when and where to pay the bills and who to call when a pipe bursts late at night. Whether it is a private property that must be maintained throughout the year and prepared for your visit to Israel or a property that is rented out, we will take care of all routine issues, from gardening, cleaning, bureaucracy, to stocking up the refrigerator and arranging for the exact television channels of your liking. Moreover, when you come to Israel we will take care of all your vacation arrangements, to relieve you of the small annoying chores and let you rest and enjoy your time here.

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sea of Tel Aviv
“Your service gives us the peace of mind”
Thank you for your good will. Thanks for your support in everything related to the property management in Tel Aviv.
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The service you give us gives us the peace of mind, both when I was staying in the apartment and when I’m not in the country. Thanks and hope for further fruitful cooperation.
Tel Aviv
“Ilan I will never find the words to thank you”
After the sale of the apartment we want to thank you, will never forget your involvement and your help.
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Ilan I will never find the words to thank you for your involvement in the details small and large; Support and care; Friendship and extraordinary investment. Thanks for your presence and frequent visits around the clock. We know always that we can always rely on you. Just thank you,