IC&S est une compagnie israélienne qui s’enorgueillit de 35 ans de service de conciergerie en Israël. Laissez-nous mettre à votre service notre expérience et notre professionnalisme.
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Nul besoin de chercher un hôtel sur Internet. Plus besoin de négocier avec un agent de voyages ou même de commander un taxi. L’équipe hautement qualifiée d’IC&S fera tout cela à votre place, car le temps, c’est votre bien le plus précieux.


sea of Tel Aviv
« The professional preparation work and the daily management »
Penny: The visit of the managers of SEAGATE could never happen without the amazing work of all the staff of the IC & S. read more You thought about all the little details and the big one as well, you have touched base with all the representatives of the companies that they visited days before they landed. The professional preparation work and the daily management of the visit enabled the management team to get from meeting to meeting on time and at the specific locations. We hope that this visit will lead to the continued work of SEAGATE in Israel. Heartfelt thanks,
sea of Tel Aviv
« we heard how much they enjoy and will be glad to revisit. »
Over the years, we asked you to take care of all our distinguished guests from around the world.
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Thanks a lot. It is not obvious at all that we challenge you in so many different ways and every time you provide the best service. All received devoted, caring and from the heart service, we heard how much they enjoy and will be glad to revisit. Thanks to you and your team the office staff did not need to worry about hosting the visitors and cane concentrate about the day to day work.