Concierge services are an art

The art of the possible. At IC&S we will do everything to answer in the affirmative. “Yes, it’s possible.” If you’ve come from overseas, you should visit the best restaurants, go on the most meticulous tours with the most interesting guides, see the most popular shows and plays, even those sold out long ago, and enjoy the most delightful treasures, sometimes unfamiliar even to those who have lived here their entire life.

Time, your most important asset

IC&S is an Israeli company with 35 years of experience in concierge services. All our experience and professional work in Israel is at your service. You have no need to search for a hotel online, bargain with a travel agent, or even call a cab. The professionals at IC&S will do it for you, sparing you time, your most important asset.

Your dreams are our calling

IC&S constantly strives to exceed your expectations. Our desire and readiness to serve you at all times and to make your dreams come true, while maintaining full discretion and confidentiality, are what makes IC&S Israel’s leading concierge company.

Ilan Weill

IC&S is headed by Ilan Weill, who came to Israel from France in 1980 and has since held senior positions at Israel’s top hotel chains, in an array of service and concierge jobs. Weill established IC&S in order to offer you his service expertise and to be at your service on every step of your visit to Israel. From the smallest details to huge productions, Weill’s team will do everything so that you can lie back, enjoy yourself, and make the most of your time in Israel.
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